Another Winner Selected in Our “Free Trip To Las Vegas” Contest

One of the fun ways I like to give back to fans of our show at The Linq is with our quarterly drawings for free trips to Las Vegas. That’s right, we give away a trip. To the entertainment and slushy drink capital of the world!

We give away a trip for no particular reason other than it’s fun, and it’s a little perk for signing up for the “Comedy in Action” e-newsletter. But mostly that first thing.

If you’re not already getting our highly entertaining and informative e-newsletter, sign up here. Once you sign up, you’re automatically entered for a shot at Las Vegas getaway package. We give away the prize package four times a year.

Insider tip: Asking a child to select your contest winner saves a ton in union labor costs.

The prize package includes two round trip flights to Las Vegas, including free peanuts (actual results may vary), two nights on sparkly Las Vegas Strip (perhaps you’ve heard of it), a limo ride (think of that scene in “Big,” Tom Hanks not included) and two free VIP tickets to my show. Yes, if you win, you have to take the tickets. It’s part of the deal. You’ll manage.

Check out the video below to see our fourth quarter 2013 drawing and congratulations to our lucky winner! Since we say the e-mail address in the video, you could write to the winner to congratulate them, but that would be a little weird, honestly.