2021 Cisko Sound Scholarship Winner

Cisko Sound Scholarship Winner

Meet the first-ever awardee of the Cisko Sound Scholarship, Bella Whitmarsh! Bella is currently a technical theatre major at Las Vegas Academy and is planning on studying animation & technical theatre this fall at SCAD. I received this amazing note from Bella’s mom, that I’m sharing below with her permission…

“Wanted to send you a message, and thank you personally for selecting Bella for this incredible scholarship opportunity, every dollar helps her to pursue her passion for Animation and Tech. Since Nevada does not offer an Animation degree at either UNLV or UNR, she had to look outside of the state. She was focused on attending a college that offered both Animation and Technical Theatre, so I am excited she was able to find that combination at the Savannah College of Art and Design! 

Bella probably didn’t share with you that her Grandfather worked as a stagehand in Vegas starting at the age of 15! He worked in showrooms and specifically ran light/sound booths, Blue Man Group was the last big show he ran before he retired. Unfortunately, he died in 2017, but I know he would be thrilled that she really has fallen in love with the technical side of the shows. So winning this scholarship means a lot to me personally.”

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