2022 Business and Personal Development Book Club

The other day my VP Debi Kinney suggested a 2022 business/personal development book club to challenge the 2 of us to make sure we are continuing to increase our knowledge and get new ideas. How awesome is that!?

The idea was too good not to share… with the list (below). Not only did she suggest the idea, she suggested books, broke them down into pages per day we need to read, and once I signed off ordered 2 copies of them all. Wow.

First book (January) is Giftology by John Ruhlin. What a great read… simple ideas yet so powerful when implemented. And what a treat to open the book and see that my pal Shep Hyken wrote the forward! A beautiful small world moment… 🌎❤️📚

Here’s to more reading – and more growing – in 2022!

January: Giftology (6 pages/day)
February: The Gap & The Gain (8 pages//day)
March: How to Become a Rainmaker (6 pages/day)
April: The Big Leap (7 pages/day)
May: Win the Day (9 pages/day)
June: The Twelve Shifts (10 pages/day)
July: High Performance Habits (13 pages/day)
August: Amaze Every Customer Every Time (8 pages/day)
September: The Power of Purpose (9 pages/day)
October: Work Like You’re Showing Off (6 pages/day)
November: The ONE Thing (8 pages/day)
December: The Ultimate Sales Machine (9 pages/day)

Shep Hyken Book Forward