Top 10 Events of 2023

Sharing my “Top 10 Events of the Year” has become one of my favorite business traditions 🙂 We’re all so busy and we move so

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Zero G Team

From the Skies to the Keys with Zero-G 

Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Zero Gravity Corporation, its mission to explore strange new heights, to seek out new discoveries and possibilities, to boldly go where no juggler — err,

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Top 10 Events of 2022

Thank you, 2022 🙂 81 bookings: a nice mix of shows, keynotes and emcee dates (many of which were multi-day events). I’m grateful for a full schedule, wonderful clients and safe travels! Here are 10

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Win Win Charity 2022 Board of Directors

A Ten-ethon for Win Win Charity!

Happy tenth anniversary, Win-Win Entertainment… or I should say, Win Win Charity! That’s right, the children’s nonprofit organization I first began to visualize way back in 2011 has officially turned the big 1-0, and in

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