A Journey to the Top with Heraeus Medical

What do you get when you combine a corporate entertainer, a keynote speaker, and an event emcee? Meeeeeee! 🙂 As a multifaceted performer, it’s common for me to provide multiple services at just one event. Such was the case earlier this month at the Heraeus Medical US 2023 National Sales Meeting, where I put all my skills to good use!

Tag along as the Heraeus Medical team and I take over the M Resort Spa & Casino here in Las Vegas!

Performing for Heraeus Medical

Reuniting the Dispersed Heraeus Medical Team 

Heraeus Medical is the inventor and manufacturer of PALACOS® bone cements and mixing systems, a leading solution within the orthopedic joint fixation and infection management market. The global company — which is headquartered in Hanau, Germany — has a dozen locations throughout the United States. From Arizona to California, New York to Pennsylvania, and Ohio to Wisconsin, the Heraeus Medical team is dispersed coast-to-coast across the country. 

An assortment of Heraeus Medical teams, including sales, operations, and marketing, interact with one another on the company’s weekly regional calls. But between the Covid-19 pandemic and the recent Dallas ice storm, it’s been three years since the entire company gathered in person! The Heraeus Medical US 2023 National Sales Meeting marked the first time the group had all been together, and many were meeting each other for the first time.

So, it goes without saying that engagement was the name of the game for this event! Come Wednesday, February 1, the group assembled at the M Resort Spa & Casino to kick off the annual sales meeting, and the excitement was palpable. With their work hard, play hard company culture and the event slogan of ‘The Journey to the Top,’ I just knew this group was ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work. Take a look at what went down!


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Capitalizing on a Triple-Threat Event Emcee

As a Las Vegas-based corporate entertainer and professional emcee, I love when clients select an event venue based on the glitz of the Strip. Unfortunately, that environment can be a bit distracting for conference guests (and a real pain to find parking). That’s why this Las Vegas native believes Heraeus Medical made a wonderful venue decision with the M Resort Spa & Casino — an awesome alternative in Henderson, Nevada, about 20 minutes away from the Strip!

With the venue decided, the only step left was to secure an event emcee for the 2023 National Sales Meeting. But why stop there? With me as your event emcee, you can capitalize on my time at your event to also include corporate entertainment and a team-building service activity that plays excellently with my keynote, Work That Matters. And that’s just what Heraeus Medical did! They hired me to provide all four services over the span of a day and a half.

“From emcee, to entertainment, to keynote, to team building, Jeff’s involvement in our National Sales Meeting was unmatched. He raised the energy level and reinforced our culture as only a professional could do. His keynote was powerful and inclusive and most importantly, very relatable to our team and business. Jeff is a consummate professional and very easy to work with. I send my highest recommendation on behalf of Jeff and look forward to working with him again in the future!”

~Bob Kolbe, Head of Sales and Business Development, Americas at Heraeus Medical USA

Setting the Tone with a Keynote Speaker

While an engaging event emcee can certainly dial up the energy at a conference, an interactive keynote speaker will most definitely set the tone for the remainder of the event. So, I was honored to serve as both the event emcee and deliver the morning keynote to the Heraeus Medical team. My “Work That Matters” keynote helped not only ground attendees in the purpose of the event, but also reminded them of why they were here in the first place!

Midway through the keynote, I encouraged attendees to discuss the personal anecdotes that tied each of them to their shared company mission — improving patient outcomes. Then, certain audience members shared their stories on the microphone with the entire group. Because people often see the world through their own experiences, listening to others’ stories gave attendees a more pragmatic understanding of what their work really meant. 

Bookending the Day with Team-Building

As the perfect way to end a fulfilling day, I bookended the messages from my keynote with an interactive team-building activity. Through my extensive volunteer opportunities with hospital networks across the United States, I was able to introduce a service-based activity that connected with this patient-centric group on a whole new level. 

The group was split into four teams to assemble one-of-a-kind kits to be delivered to UMC Children’s Hospital. As a company that improves patients’ lives daily, this team-building activity was a fun alternative to continue to touch patients’ lives. And after a long day, it was awesome to see team members be creative and bond with one another!

Looking for a Powerhouse Performer? 

I don’t always provide every service on my roster at one event, but when I do, I can guarantee it will be a fun time for all involved! If you’re looking for a triple-threat performer that can alternate between an event emcee, corporate entertainer, and keynote speaker, look no further than me, Jeff Civillico. Send me a booking inquiry today to learn more!