A New Look for Bugsy’s Cabaret

One of the things I’m most excited about with my move to The Flamingo is the ability to create our own special entrance to the venue.  For those who have seen the show at The Flamingo, you’ve probably noticed the not-so-family-friendly life-size X Burlesque ladies on the door panels of the current entrance / exit. Side note: the Stabiles, producers of all the X shows in Vegas, are wonderful people and have been very welcoming to us, and have been great neighbors which is very important to the success of a show, and not always the way it is!  And for that I’m very grateful.  And we’re back…

So we came up a solution to open up a second entrance to the venue on the other side of the bar outside, that leads out to The Flamingo lobby.  We are custom wrapping the 2 elevators next to the venue, the door itself that leads into the showroom, and customizing the wallpaper in that whole area.  Caesars Entertainment is even mounting another “Bugsy’s Cabaret” sign over this second entrance.  Gonna look GREAT, but more importantly it’s another solid step toward making this venue, and The Flamingo more generally, feel like home.