A Special Win-Win Entertainment Moment

I experienced yet another special Win-Win Entertainment moment yesterday while performing at Phoenix Children’s Hospital! Most of the powerful moments I experience with Win-Win involve interacting with our kiddo patients in the hospital, but this one actually happened while interacting with one of our best and most active performers – illusionist Matias Letelier – during the show.

Matias and I were doing a virtual visit together. I was zooming in from Vegas, and he was zooming in from New York. We are broadcast from the studio at Phoenix Children’s Hospital to all of the in-room TVs. Kids call in to interact with us, and the show is hosted by Matt Bryson.

Although we’d interacted on social media and through email, Matias and I had never met. One of the aspects of these virtual visits I love the most is that you get to meet and perform with incredible entertainers all over the country. It’s not about one-upping or trying to impress each other. It’s about coming together for a reason big than yourself and your show.

Matias and I ended up doing a completely spontaneous bit where I juggled apples and he magically pulled one out of the pattern and put it back in. It was so fun!

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Illusionist Matias Letelier and Win-Win Entertainment Founder Jeff Civillico Magician Matias Letelier hold up an apple during a virtual show Performers Matias Letelier and Jeff Civillico talk to each other during a virtual event Jeff Civillico and Matias Letelier perform a virtual show together Jeff Civillico and magician Matias Letelier do a win-win charity virtual show Entertainers Jeff Civillico and Matias Letelier perform a win-win charity virtual show