Test of Patience from Southwest Airlines

I woke up to this text from Southwest Airlines this morning as I got ready to disembark Disney Cruise Line: “SWA Flight 1979 on Jan 06 from IAH is cancelled. You have been rebooked to LAS on Flight 3055 departing Jan 07 from IAH at 6:05AM, connecting to Flight 6092 in DAL at 9:25AM.”

The next day? Well that’s not gonna work! We’ve all been here, right? Especially recently.

I’m continuing to work on patience in 2022, especially since I travel so much and often experience delays and cancellations that are out of my control. I always want things done now, I hate waiting, I like moving and taking action, etc.

Trying to remember what I know is right: Gratitude is always the answer…

– I’m grateful that I don’t have any other meetings or commitments today I need to reschedule.
– I’m grateful that I have access to the Admirals Club lounge so I have a nice place to wait/work.
– I’m grateful that I will still be home for dinner.
– I’m grateful that my client is reimbursing me for the flight.
– I’m grateful for the miraculous gift of air travel.

So much to be grateful for…

Is it annoying to have an extra 4 hours at an airport, an extra flight home, and an extra 5 hours of travel? Yes. But is it really that big of a deal? No.

It’s a minor inconvenience. And as weird as it sounds, I am grateful for this test of patience and the opportunity to step up, early on in the year with nothing much at stake…

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