Absinthe Las Vegas at Caesars Palace

Las Vegas show Absinthe: Just outside of Caesar’s Palace lies the Spiegeltent, a large, white nondescript canvas. Compared to its surroundings, it’s a symbol of innocence and humility. In this case, looks are most certainly deceiving.Absinthe Vegas

Should you choose to step inside, remembering to send the kids somewhere far, far away, you’ll be treated to Absinthe, the Las Vegas show that’s a vivid personification of the notorious green liquid’s less subtle qualities.

The décor is the immediate feature of note, with stained-cut glass walls etched with vibrant colors, a generous array of well-placed mirrors (you’ll realize why soon after), and outrageously gaudy baubles and trinkets.

Your host for the Las Vegas show is The Gazillionaire, a foul-mouthed, unashamed wretch of a man with slick black hair, dressed in a snug white tuxedo and obnoxious gold shoes, and sporting a certain kind of package that would color even Dr. Ruth a decidedly crimson hue. “Ladies prepare to be jealous. Gentlemen prepare for your pants to fit a little tighter.”

Thus begins a close quarters, adults-only Las Vegas show filled with gorgeous women, manly men, gyrating hips, thrusting pelvises, heaving bosoms and simply amazing displays of acrobatics, aerial stunt work and more. The Gazillionaire and his snarky tour guide Penny provide ample comedy relief and deviant moral behavior aplenty as they showcase such Las Vegas show talents as a singing bombshell who happens to like stripping, a group of drunken male tight-rope walkers and Oksana, an utterly delicious aerial performer who takes flight to Bon Jovi’s “Bed of Roses.” For those who like their deviant pleasures served with unabashed style and an uncensored, in-the-round vantage point, “Absinthe” delivers the naughty like no other Las Vegas show around.

Check out Absinthe in Las Vegas next time you are in town!