All-in-One Emcee, Moderator, and Keynote Speaker

When you’ve been a performer for as long as I have, you learn to become a jack of all trades. And when you dedicate more than a decade to your craft, you certainly become a master of many. That’s why I love events where I can maximize value for my clients — like serving as emcee, moderator, and keynote speaker for Bowman County!

The Bowman Country Development Corporation recently reached out in search of an event emcee for its 2022 FUSION Conference in Bowman, North Dakota. Instead, I arrived to serve as both the emcee for the conference as well as the closing keynote speaker for the afternoon, and moderated a panel before the clock struck noon.

Tag along to learn how a performer like myself maximizes value at each event!

Developing Trust in Bowman County

Bowman County is a small district in the southwest corner of North Dakota that was first settled way back in 1883. With an entire county population of less than 3,000, this tight-knit community is not only proud of where they call home but also prioritizes efforts to minimize the common challenges that occur across rural areas.

In particular, the Bowman County Development Corporation exists to support the growth and preservation of Bowman businesses. The association planned the 2022 FUSION Conference with a theme of ‘Trust is Everything’ to enable Bowman business owners to build more meaningful personal and professional connections.

Trust is Everything

Maximizing Value with a Multifaceted Emcee

1,160. That’s the approximate number of miles I traveled from Las Vegas to emcee in Bowman County. Once I’m here — more than a thousand miles later! — why not maximize my value as much as possible? I tell every single one of my clients, even those located minutes from me in Las Vegas, to utilize all my services to their advantage.

For one, if I’m already at your venue as your event emcee, that means your audience is already gaining comfortability with me. That positions me as the perfect individual to drum up continuous engagement, whether that be with a team-building activity or a clean comedy set in the morning, or a panel discussion in the afternoon.

At the 2022 FUSION Conference, the Bowman County Development Corporation was able to maximize my services by having me serve as moderator for the Impact and Influence Fusion 2022 Panel. With the rapport I had already built with the audience, I was able to effectively guide the conversion and maintain consistent interaction.

Once the panel wrapped in the morning, keynote speakers Bryce Meyer and David Horsager took the stage in the afternoon to drive actionable takeaways for leaders. Then, I took the stage as the conference’s closing keynote speaker! After an entire day with the Bowman County crew, I loved being the speaker to close out their event. 

Emcee Jeff Civillico in Bowman, ND

The Ideal Closing Keynote (Or Opening… Or Middle!)

‘Work That Matters’ has quickly become the highlight of my role as keynote speaker. Based on real anecdotes from my journey as a burgeoning Las Vegas performer, this keynote is equal parts hysterical and heartwarming — but it’s also a major driver of authentic, actionable conversations… just ask the Bowman County Development Corporation!

Work That Matters is the keynote that flexes to fit every conference agenda, whether you need:

  1. An opening keynote to wake up your audience and prime them for the conference ahead with a high-energy, highly interactive performance.
  2. A middle-of-event keynote to rejuvenate your audience and re-involve them in an information-heavy or multi-day conference.
  3. A closing keynote to send your audience off happy, smiling, and inspired to tackle the variety of goals established at the event. 

At the 2022 FUSION Conference, I delivered Work That Matters as the closing keynote. I already had spent hours with the Bowman County team, which helped them warm up and be more vocal while I was on stage. And as a highly interactive keynote, I was able to maintain stamina in the room, even though it was at the very end of the day. 

“Jeff was a hit at our conference – as our emcee and closing keynote speaker. Our attendees loved having his keynote and entertainment to finish off the day!”

~Brooklyn Engelhart, Creative Marketing Coordinator at Bowman County Development Corporation

~ Laura Weber, Business Assistant at Bowman County Development Corporation

Forging New Network Connections

Earlier I mentioned a fellow keynote speaker, David Horsager. What I didn’t mention is how much of a legend David is in our industry! As the CEO of Trust Edge Leadership Institute, inventor of the Enterprise Trust Index, and national bestselling author of “The Trust Edge,” David was actually the cornerstone of the ‘Trust is Everything’ event theme. 

Jeff Civillico and David HorsagerLuckily for me, I was able to grab breakfast and lunch with David during the conference and even made the drive back to Bismarck, ND together to catch our next flights. Once we arrived, we watched the Chiefs-Chargers Thursday night game at a local Irish pub and I was able to learn a ton from our conversations. 

The coolest part about forging a new connection with David was that the Bowman County Development Corporation had truly built the conference agenda and workshop around his approach to trust. Aside from his keynote, there was a three-hour workshop during the day that taught the best practices of Trusted Strategies.

Keynote Speaker David Horsager

Experiencing All Corners of the World

Of all the places I would meet David Horsager, I didn’t think it would be the town with a population of less than 3,000! But, life can be a bit funny that way… especially when you travel for work as much as I do. Meeting David was just one of the reasons why I love to explore all corners of the world for my job, including North Dakota!

After two flights from Vegas to Dallas to Bismarck, I arrived in North Dakota and drove nearly three hours through some of the most gorgeous wide open spaces. This career has allowed me to see all parts of the world, and for that, I am always truly grateful. Plus, I’m excited to be back in ND for the CHI St. Alexius Dickinson Foundation soon! 

Looking for a High-Value Event Emcee? 

When you want to maximize value at your event, start with your talent. As a 10-year Las Vegas headliner, my service offerings have expanded to include corporate entertainment, professional event emcee, keynote speaker, and more. If you’re looking for a high-value event emcee, look no further. Send me a booking inquiry today!