ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

On Friday, Las Vegas Morning Blend host Shawn Tempesta called me out on-air to do the #IceBucketChallenge benefiting ALS research in which you have to either donate $100 to ALS research, or dump a bucket of ice water over your head… or as Shawn suggested and I followed, do both.  I accepted his challenge, and did the deed on Sunday at my show at The Linq Hotel & Casino.  Below is Shawn’s on-air challenge for context, followed by my response live on stage (starting at 1:35).  Thanks Shawn 🙂  Good fun for a good cause.  Check out the video – I think you’ll enjoy it.

Learn more about Pete Frates, the man who has athletes, news anchors, and celebrities all over the country dumping ice buckets on top of their heads for ALS research:!by9KZt

Part of the fun of the Ice Bucket Challenge is that you’re supposed to pass on the challenge to one or more people after you do it.  I am challenging the other 4pm show in Las Vegas – Murray Sawchuck, Nathan Burton, Adam London, Gregory Popovich, and Legends in Concert.  Let’s see what you got!!