Las Vegas Magic Show – Amazing Jonathan at The Harmon Theater

Las Vegas Magic show Amazing Jonathan: The Amazing Jonathan’s apprenticeship with the mystical arts began the moment his teenage self stepped into a magic shop and fell in love. With more passion than direction, fate led him to street magic legend Harry Anderson, who inspired his act with a light heart and a clever wit. Las Vegas Magic Show

But what really makes The Amazing Jonathan’s Las Vegas magic show the most successful and longest running comedy magic routine in our solar system is his darkly-twisted sense of humor and the grenades of shock and awe that seem to burst apart at every unexpected moment.

Jonathan’s Las Vegas magic show won’t benefit from a cape, a wand, a deck of cards or a polished execution. His magic comes from the self — an unrestrained personality with an acerbic wit and a disturbingly amusing approach to his craft. His Las Vegas magic show is full of off-the-cuff comedy and the best laughs often develop when his lightning fast wit targets both willing and semi-willing audience participants. With the addition of some hilariously botched illusions that are actually better for the incompetence, Jonathan continues to entertain in the delightfully wicked manner only he can manage.

Join Jonathan at a Las Vegas magic show filled with eye-popping pleasantries such as exploding birds, flying babies, and very unlucky volunteers as the master of self-immolation redefines the genre and reminds his legion of fans why they refer to him as “The Freddy Kreuger of Comedy.”

Check out this Las Vegas magic show next time you are in town!