Andrew Dice Clay in Las Vegas

Andrew Dice Clay: Shameless, unabashed and irreverent personality Andrew Dice Clay has been terrorizing the notions of civility and social grace since the late 80s, when he began reciting his infamous uncensored nursery rhymes in between unsubtle and archaic commentaries regarding the fairer of our speciesAndrew Dice Clay

Not much has happened by way of personal redemption as the only man to ever receive a lifetime ban from MTV proves in his latest, and most wonderfully offensive Las Vegas show at the Starlite Theater.

Andrew Dice Clay Struggles…

Andrew still struggles with the idea of proper behavior, treating his advancing age and frustration with modern technology with the same hilarious contempt that made him a household name. Fans of his early work will be thrilled to know that the Las Vegas show features the welcome appearance of brand new versions of classic bits. His full-scale frontal assault on the innocence of children’s nursery rhymes began long ago with an infamous version of Hickory Dickory Dock and comes around full circle with a lovely collection of childhood-destroying poetry.

The best parts of his legacy combine with fresh new material to create an awesome Las Vegas show that’s missing only one critical ingredient: a lit cigarette. It’s hard to say a smoke could be iconic, but it was every bit an organic extension of Andrew’s appearance and his awareness of that fact leaves an unlit version clutched in his hand, darting back and forth as he hammers out yet another priceless routine. Get ready to gasp, cringe, blush and blush deeply when Andrew takes the stage and delivers a Las Vegas show that leaves the rest of the City of Sin with its most plausible scapegoat.

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