Announcing My Pilot for Travel Channel! “Vegas Strip Search”

Friends, I’m thrilled to make the TV announcement I’ve been hinting at for months now…

I have a pilot on the Travel Channel for my own TV show, “Vegas Strip Search,” that will air on Saturday, April 6th at 3pm EDT!  Obviously, I am excited beyond words.  This is a great step, but I need your help to make this show go to series.


“Vegas Strip Search” follows my search for undiscovered hidden talent in the nooks and crannies of North America.  I visit different venues and local cultures, and connect with a vast variety of performers in their worlds.  The performers do their best to teach me their talent, so the audience can see just how difficult their skills are to master.  I choose 1 performer out of 4 each episode to come join me in my show at The Linq to get a shot at playing a big showroom in Vegas.

The concept came from my background as a street performer who, over years working through different markets (street performing, fairs, cruise ships, colleges) eventually got my own show in Vegas.  I thought ‘what if I could lightwarp talented acts to a Vegas stage who might not otherwise get the opportunity?’  It’s been over a year in development working with Pangolin Pictures in New York, and now…

The fate of “Vegas Strip Search” will be determined by 2 things: ratings on Saturday, April 6th, 3pm EDT, and BUZZ.  My fans have done some incredible things for me throughout my career, from raising money to “joggle” the Disney Marathon to crowdfunding “The People’s Arch.”  I am keeping my fingers crossed that with your support we can create enough buzz to turn this episode into a full series.  Thank you!

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