Las Vegas Show – Anthony Cools at the Paris Casino

Las Vegas show Anthony Cools: Sometimes a Las Vegas show presents an incredible display of illusion and misdirection.  Sometimes you’ll teeter on the edge of your seat as you watch someone being sawed in half or set on fire.  And sometime, just sometimes, you’ll end up completely unconscious and start making love to a chair. Las Vegas Show

Hypnotism takes a sharp detour into the realm of dark comedy when Anthony Cools take the stage of his Las Vegas show and begins a careful selection of participants with the proper attitude and mindset to engage in a night of mischievous suggestions and outrageous behaviors.

He claims no supernatural abilities, and informs the selected group, the real stars of the Las Vegas show, that everything that happens will be of their own doing.  The “lucky” few will undergo a series of relaxation techniques, designed to lull them slowly into a hypnotic state.

Anthony begins by telling the group that they are accomplished musicians, leading them to ply their craft in a reenactment of some phantasmal orchestra, devoid of sound but full of hilarious and quite rigorous instrumentals.  After that comes men with illusionary rashes, women with talking body parts and ever increasing levels of wild and inappropriate behavior.  The entire group of Las Vegas  show volunteers collaborates for an unforgettable climax as they are led to believe they have lost their clothes and sit waiting to audition for a spot in a pornographic film.  When you’re told to showcase your “creative lovemaking techniques,” and your partner is a chair… well, remember that cliché about the price of admission?

 Check out this Las Vegas show next time you are in town!