Back-to-Back Pure Entertainment Shows This Week 

Wheels down, lights on, wheels back up! Life has become a whirlwind of professional emcee and keynote speaking gigs recently, but each event has shared a common throughline — entertainment! Entertainment is always at the heart of what I do, from corporate events to my work with Win-Win Entertainment. So, it was a blast to crank out a set of pure entertainment shows this week!

I hit the road early on Sunday to serve as the corporate entertainer for Fleet Feet in Washington, then was wheels down in Missouri a few days later to perform for the Electrical Apparatus Service Association, Inc. (EASA). Tag along with this clean comedian as we jet set from one corner of the country to another for a pair of corporate entertainer events!

Up First, Corporate Entertainer for Fleet Feet in Spokane

My week of corporate entertainment kicked off in Spokane, Washington on Sunday, which was a much-needed change of climate for this Las Vegas dweller! I had received word of this event from the amazing folks at IMC Experiences, a super detailed-oriented production company that helps build unforgettable brand experiences with their eye for creativity. 

When I arrived in Spokane, I bee-lined to the Davenport Grand to prepare my clean comedy set for the Fleet Feet conference. To my surprise, the hotel was situated right along the river with an all-glass ballroom that made for one of the most peaceful, picturesque walks to soundcheck ever! What made the evening even more special, however, was the Fleet Feet crew.

Entertainer Jeff Civillico on Fleet Feet stage

Fleet Feet is a nationwide retailer of running shoes and gear with more than 250 stores and counting. They operate a charitable mission called Do the Run Thing, which helps create and nurture sustainable local running communities (and serves as their conference theme!). As a group, Fleet Feet is an active bunch with a major focus on community, equality, and diversity. 

A corporate entertainer like myself, who has a very physically-demanding set, always goes over extremely well with active groups like Fleet Feet. I was introduced as a clean comedian who joggled (juggled and jogged!) for more than 25 miles, which the audience totally loved. Fleet Feet’s active culture really aligned with my values as an inclusive corporate entertainer! 

A Special Thank You to Altra Running!

I could not mention my time in Spokane with Fleet Feet without mentioning my show’s sponsor, Altra Running! Altra manufactures innovative running shoes designed to promote a runner’s natural gait. Before arriving at the Fleet Feet conference, I was asked if I could wear some Altra gear on stage to show my support to the event’s sponsor. I said yes, of course!

Altra sent over a few new shirts and two pairs of shoes, of which I chose the new Escalante 3s in the black colorway to wear for my performance. Performer friends, these were beyond comfortable! So comfortable, in fact, that I was able to juggle the swag bag the group presented me at the end of my set in style — I even balanced some of the swag on my face for good measure! 

Jeff Civillico with Team Altra

Up Next, to St. Louis for an EASA Event 

With my feet confidently strapped into my new Escalante 3s, I headed out of Spokane in style — and landed straight in St. Louis, Missouri for my next corporate entertainer event! I was scheduled as the clean comedian to open the EASA 2022 Convention: Recalibrate, Realign, Refocus. The show was slated for Sunday evening at America’s Center Convention Complex.

The Electrical Apparatus Service Association, better known as EASA, is an international trade organization of more than 1,700 electromechanical sales and service firms. With members in nearly 70 countries, the group routinely gathers to keep up to date on materials, equipment, and state-of-the-art technology. I was stoked to join everyone as their corporate entertainer!

Though my corporate entertainment set is ideal to inject some laughter in the beginning, middle, or end of a conference, I do particularly love an opening slot to kick off an event with a bang. I took the stage Sunday evening amid a delicious dinner in the ballroom and the energy in the room was instantly palpable. It was a joy to perform for such an engaged group! 

Jeff Civillico Performs for EASA

The Through-Lines for Corporate Entertainment Events 

You might be wondering, “Jeff, what does a running shoe retailer have anything to do with a trade association?” The answer is simply entertainment! Groups that are active and high-energy are very partial to my brand of physical clean comedy. They enjoy balancing acts, juggling tricks, and other physical elements that keep them engaged.

The throughline for my corporate entertainer events is truly a love of genuine entertainment — no smoke screens, no fake stunts. I put my passion for entertainment into every event I partake in, whether that be a clean comedy show, keynote speaking gig, or even a visit to a children’s hospital for Win-Win Entertainment. True entertainment is at the heart of everything I do! 

Founder of Win-Win Entertainment

Where Will This Clean Comedian Go Next?

Are you in need of a professional corporate entertainer? Hey, I know a guy! It’s my pleasure to travel around the country (and the globe!) to bring my brand of clean comedy to a stage near you. As a versatile performer, I spend my days rotating between keynote speaking, hosting, and entertaining, using my background as a Headliner with Caesars Entertainment to inform my acts.

When I’m not traveling to an event, you can find me in Las Vegas. Though my clean, family-friendly “Comedy in Action” show has wrapped its 10-year run, I still take to the stage (namely at the Excalibur!) periodically and guest feature on local programming, like the Morning Blend.

Send me a booking inquiry to have me entertain the crowd at your event next!