Las Vegas Show – Ballet Folklorico de Mexico

Las Vegas show Ballet Folklorico de Mexico: The Los Angeles Times calls this dance company “passionate and impeccable.” The dancers bring their culture to life in this Las Vegas show.

Las Vegas show Ballet Folklorico de Mexico takes audiences through the history of traditional folklore and social movements. Las Vegas Show

The performers in this Las Vegas show have traveled across the globe for over 22 million people. The dance company has been performing for audiences for over 50 years. The rich history of this dance company began with the dream of a young girl, Amalia Hernandez. Amalia grew up in a wealthy city of Mexico but only wanted one thing, which was to dance. Amalia was privileged to study underneath the best dance instructors in the world, including Madame Dambre. Amalia grew up and started her own dance company named Ballet Moderno de Mexico. The most loved and well-known composition is “Sones de Michoacan,” which is translated into English as Melodies of Michoacan. The company was later renamed Ballet Folklorico de Mexico and will now appear in a Las Vegas show at the Smith Center.

Some of the dance company’s accolades include winning first place in the Festival of Nations in Paris.

This Las Vegas show celebrates the cultural and dance tradition of Mexico. Take a step into another world with this Las Vegas show and experience a life filled with gods, jaguars, and color. With its unique compositions and energy, this Las Vegas show is definitely a must-see.

Ballet Folklorico de Mexico is a top-notch dance company and will not disappoint with this Las Vegas show.