Las Vegas Show – BeatleShow! at Planet Hollywood

Las Vegas show BeatleShow!: Drop by the Saxe Theater at Planet Hollywood for a Las Vegas show Rolling Stone hails as “The most entertaining Beatles show in the universe.”  “Beatleshow!” is a celebration of Paul, John, George, and Ringo and the collective musical expressions that defined their era and paved the way for countless future talents.  Ed Sullivan serves as host and tour guide throughout the evening, introducing their very first American television performance “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” as well as plenty of timeless hits and a particularly touching solo effort by John Lennon. Las Vegas Show

The definitive Beatles experience is created through the use of equipment identical to the kind the boys played in their own day, and without any sort of backing tracks or audio enhancements.  It’s pure and classic 100% live rock and roll at its finest.

Throw in meticulous attention to details such as the outfits, their famous haircuts and even the subtle effect of proper background lighting and you’ve got a Las Vegas show ready to reenact your favorite Beatle memories while sharing bits and pieces of their unforgettable journey through the annals of musical lore.

Everyone will leave satisfied as all three glorious Beatles eras are covered in exquisite detail.  After the performance, you’ll get the chance to meet with the boys, get some autographs and take a few photos.  The experience as a whole is full justification of the band’s recognition as the “Best Beatles Tribute Band in the World.”  It’s a Las Vegas show that tugs on the heart strings, satisfies the die-hard fans and leaves the kids admitting that perhaps they did miss something special from their parents’ heydays.

Check out this Las Vegas show next time you are in town!