Benefits of Virtual Team Building Events

Companies and associations are embracing virtual team building efforts, because they understand that virtual team building events and activities can be as effective as in-person equivalents when planned and executed effectively.  Teams do not have to wait until they can be physically together in the same space – swinging on a ropes course or building bikes at a conference – to achieve the same desired outcomes of those activities.  

You can, and should, host your organization’s team building event NOW– virtually and effectively.  Why?  Because the many benefits of hosting virtual team building events and activities are clear.

Virtual team building events increase CONNECTION.

Despite living in the most technologically connected society in human history, we tend to feel lonelier and more isolated today than ever before… and a global pandemic is not helping!  We often find ourselves operating in silos, retreating to our phones and getting lost in our social media accounts.  Staying personally and professionally connected can certainly be a challenge for all of us these days.

Use this time to be intentional about bringing your people together.  The coronavirus pandemic has heightened the importance of creating shared, positive experiences.  Give your Team an opportunity to come together for an experience that is not work-related.  Give them an opportunity to laugh together.  Give them an opportunity to connect.  With a little effort, the increased connection you foster among your employees NOW will pay goodwill (and financial) dividends well after your team building event and this pandemic are over.

Virtual team building events foster BETTER COMMUNICATION. 

An effective virtual team building event gets attendees communicating not just with the Host, but with each other. There are many ways to achieve this virtually, such as  “spotlighting” various team members to feature them across everyone’s video feed, or creating playful challenges among employees.

You need an experienced Virtual Host who understands that a virtual team-building event is not a webinar.  Webinars are one-way video presentations.  Virtual team building events require two-way video platforms like Zoom or WebEx.  Instead of “working the room” to get people communicating, your Virtual Team Building Host is now “working the Zoom” – talking to individuals, getting and keeping everyone engaged, bringing out fun moments, making everyone across the platform laugh.  

Additionally, your host should know the difference between spotlighting and pinning videos, how to mute and unmute people quickly, and even how to protect your event from being hacked or Zoombombed.  

Good virtual team building events are interactive and collaborative.  They foster increased communication just like in-person team building events do.

Virtual team building events increase CONFIDENCE.

Attempting and succeeding at a new task is the fastest way to build confidence.  Understanding that you have succeeded when faced with previous challenges builds momentum.  You now have a track record of success.  Stepping outside of your comfort zone no longer feels as daunting, and taking calculated risks in the future becomes easier.

Team building events are a staple of corporate culture because they are proven ways to encourage participants to move beyond their comfort zone.  That same “mental stretch” can be achieved through the right virtual team building activity– whether it’s taking an improv class or learning how to juggle. 

Virtual team building events FOSTER CREATIVITY.  

Creativity is more than artistic expression. Creativity is your ability to see the world differently, to think about a task, a situation, or a problem in a new way.  Creativity fosters innovation.

Virtual team building events create a safe environment where employees can feel free to try new activities, to make mistakes without penalty, and to utilize different areas of their brain than they are used to doing.  When you develop your team’s creativity now, you are developing your team’s ability to solve unique marketplace challenges later

Virtual team building events BOOST EMPLOYEE MORALE.

We’re living through challenging times.  Some of us are fighting health battles.  Some of us are fighting economic battles.  Some of us are fighting both.  ALL of us are fighting a resistance to be overcome emotionally by the stress and strain this pandemic has caused on our individual and collective worlds.  This is an opportunity for employers to step up and offer experiences to boost morale and uplift the spirits of their employees.  

When you spend time, money, and energy on a shared experience for your employees, you are showing them that you care about them, personally as well as professionally.  You are providing programming that will have a lasting and measurable impact on employee morale and retention.  

Successful companies invest in their people.  They invest in their people even when it’s hard to do, because that’s when their people need it most.

Virtual team building events are FUN!

Too often “fun” is the first and only benefit of team building touted.  Because of this, unfortunately the idea of team building can seem “soft” and unnecessary for bottom-line focused organizations that consider themselves to have a more “serious” corporate culture.  It’s my hope that the benefits listed above prove otherwise.  

That being said, I would be remiss if I did not include “FUN” as I’m detailing the benefits of Virtual Team Building events!  These events, when done correctly, should be and will be a lot of fun.  And I believe we could all use a little fun right now 🙂

Virtual team building events increase PRODUCTIVITY. 

Improving productivity is a shared goal of all organizations across all industries.  Increased productivity is the byproduct of every benefit listed above.  More connection, communication, confidence, and creativity = MORE PRODUCTIVITY.  You can develop these qualities in your Team through virtual activities that boost employee morale and are… FUN 🙂