“Best Afternoon Show in Las Vegas” – Las Vegas By Locals

Las Vegas ShowBy Las Vegas By Locals

There’s a new show in town and we think it’s the best afternoon show in Las Vegas.

Jeff Civillico is a world champion juggler; but what’s even more impressive is the way he “juggles” the audience. If he was on the stage blindfolded, hands tied behind his back and not a single prop in sight, he’d still have you laughing and having a great time. He could probably do a great show with just three people in an elevator. Jeff is just a naturally funny, charismatic guy who’s got enough energy to run a marathon every day. His juggling skills are as impressive as his interaction with the audience;  creative, original and funny. The show is literally a one-man show. There aren’t any sexy showgirls or assistants. It’s just you, the audience and Jeff.

We had a terrific time at Jeff Civillico’s show and would recommend it to everyone. It’s a family friendly show. Don’t take the family friendly “G” rating to mean that it’s a trade off for the grown-ups. It’s not a show that’s geared for children. Jeff just doesn’t need to use dirty jokes and naked chicks (although we have nothing against either) to carry his act. Go see this show. You’ll love it.

Where & When

Jeff is cracking up audiences daily at the The Linq at 2pm six days a week. The show is dark on Tuesdays.

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