Las Vegas Show – Blue Man Group at Venetian

Las Vegas show Blue Man Group: “Spectacular in every sense of the world” – Las Vegas WeeklyLas Vegas Show

The Blue Man Group has always been two things: hard to describe and impossible to forget. Color plays a pivotal role in the interpretation and enjoyment of our environment, and the Blue Men harness its power to such an extent that seeing and feeling become one and the same.

Hand-crafted instruments, powerful rhythms, science, performance art and complete audience immersion create a Las Vegas show full of landscapes of aural and visual epiphanies that are best articulated by sharing rather than explaining.

Blue Man Group is a production company that presents theatre and concert events as interpreted and expressed by three quite blue and bald individuals by the names of Chris Wink, Matt Goldman and Phil Stanton. Their early appearance on a variety show prompted a request by the Alien Comic (Tom Murrin) to craft a full-length performance. The resulting “Tubes” gained them a huge following, and their Las Vegas show is an extension of the original, bolstered by their accumulated experience and the magnificent ambience of the Blue Man Theatre.

The Blue Man Group remains Vegas’ ultimate sensory experience, and does more than its part to further The Strip’s reputation as the destination for intensity, originality and wild abandon. Through enormous video screens, full-color body language and dexterous choreography, the experience is delivered, and with the help of primitive and moving rhythms sourced from a collection of handmade instruments using common plumbing materials. The Blue Men provide all of this in a Las Vegas show environment tailored to a state of mind rather than the age of your body, and as such remain a powerful attractive force for energizing the thoughts and emotions of each and every curious soul.

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