Feature Article in BLVDS Magazine

What an honor to be featured in the September “Culture” issue of BLVDS Las Vegas Magazine!  This is a beautiful 2-page spread, in a beautiful magazine.  Special thanks to Editor-In-Chief Stephanie Pierotti for this opportunity.

“Civillico is now the one pulling people on stage, maybe even changing lives.  The night I attended the show, Civillico chose an 11-year-old boy, Anthony, to join him in the spotlight. After a variety of feats in this high-energy, interactive show, Anthony heard the roar of the crowd and went back to his seat with a T-shirt and a juggling kit.  Ultimately, he also walked away with an autographed copy of Life Choices: Pursuing Your Passion a book co-authored by 26 writers from around the world.  Jeff Civillico is one of them.  The writers talk about making dreams into reality and encourage people of all ages, not just kids like Anthony, to follow their dreams and do what they love.  At that moment, I knew this entertainer was passionate about giving back to others not only to his audience, but also to the Las Vegas community.”

Read the whole article in the digital version of BLVDS Magazine (page 15).

BLVDS Las Vegas Magazine
BLVDS Las Vegas Magazine – The Culture Issue