Win-Win Show, Boulder City Review

“Performer Offers Entertaining Solution to Help Children” – Boulder City Review, Hunter Terry

I wanted to send a huge shoutout to the Boulder City Review for covering the Win-Win Entertainment event at St. Jude’s Ranch for Children on January 21st, 2017. We had such a great time and to hear all the positive feedback makes us all the more excited to continue this monthly program at the ranch!

“Civillico kept the children engaged with physical comedy, off-the-cuff jokes and audience participation, and he wowed them by balancing objects, including a chair and a table, on his chin. For the main attraction he juggled a variety of props, from bags, bowling pins and bowling balls to oversized knives, at one point even doing so atop a unicycle.”

I especially loved these shots taken by Hunter Terry, reporter for the Boulder City Review! Thanks for coming out and showing support for the entire Boulder City community.



Click¬†here to read the whole article on Boulder City Review’s online publication.