Box Office Event at Brooklyn Bowl

There are so many people that go into making my show a success. Tonight’s appreciation event for Linq, Harrah’s, and Flamingo Box Offices at Brooklyn Bowl was a huge success!  So much fun.  We bowled, we drank, and we ate fried chicken with honey… don’t knock it ’til you try it 🙂

I love throwing these events.  It’s our time to say THANK YOU to our extended team who has helped keep this dream alive for almost 3 years now.

Box Office Appreciation

The response to tonight’s appreciation event was SO overwhelming… It’s official – We’re going to start regular appreciation events for the different groups of people that support us on so many levels.  Logistically, we just can’t show our thanks to everyone at once, so next up – Bally’s, Paris, Planet Hollywood Box Offices, then Rio Box Office and Caesars Group Sales, Caesars Call Center, etc. etc. etc.!