Corporate Entertainment Spotlight On…Brian Rudo

Corporate entertainment looks dangerous when Brian Rudo takes a walk on the wild side performing stunts, escapes, magic, and other adventurous acts.

Corporate Entertainment

Brian Rudo will have the audience holding their breath and excited for the next act when he performs at a corporate entertainment event!

Brian Rudo discovered his talent for making others laughed as a teenager and decided to turn it into a career.  He taught himself how to perform stunts and magic from books and videos, illustrating his determination to succeed as a performer and professional in corporate entertainment. Now, he travels around the United States performing what he calls “adrenaline comedy.” Brian boasts an impressive corporate entertainment client list that includes Comcast Cable Inc., Geico, McDonald’s, Krispy Kreme, and Random House Publishing. Brian has appeared in a broad range of media outlets in addition to booking corporate entertainment events. He has appeared on the nationally televised show “The View,” in the Edge Pro Gel national television commercial, and in the Las Vegas Sun Newspaper. Adding accolades onto Brian’s list of media mentions and corporate entertainment clients makes him even a more popular performer.  Brian won the Extreme Gong Show’s Tournament of Talent for a cash prize of $10,000 and the New York City’s Laugh Across America comic talent search from the Las Vegas Comedy Festival.

Try booking Brian Rudo and his brand of adrenaline comedy for your next corporate entertainment event!