Campus Activities Magazine: 2010 Rock ‘n Road Show

I was happy to be featured in this month’s edition of “Campus Activities Magazine,” the #1 publication for campus entertainment.  The article reviewed this year’s Rock n’ Road Show at Akron U.  College orientation and family weekend shows make up a significant portion of my calendar.  And thanks to the good people at Redd Promo Talent, and a National Association of Campus Activities showcase in October, 2011 is chock-full of ’em.

Check out the except below, or read the whole article!

Jeff Civillico and Tim Gabrielson are two friends from Las Vegas and two very experienced college performers.

Jeff Civillico is an International Juggling Champion and an experienced corporate emcee, but his real talents lie in audience management and comedy. In fact, his show “Comedy In Action” better describes what Jeff does than to call it a juggling show. ‘Everything is about crowd interaction. I understand no one out there in the college market cares about how many balls I can juggle at once or the subtly technical throws and catches I might use. They want to laugh.’

Jeff’s background provided him a very good training ground for adapting just this ability. ‘I started as a kid working the streets and theme parks, places where you really have to learn to hold an audience’s attention and be entertaining, especially if you are basing your income on tips (laughs).’

‘I am happy to be playing the college market and happy to be here at The University of Akron. It is a great school and a great audience and I’d personally like to thank them for the opportunity.”

Call Tim Kazimir at Redd Promo Talent, (630) 746-2293, to book Jeff Civillico for your next on-campus event.