Las Vegas Show – The Canadian Tenors

Las Vegas show The Tenors: Direct from Canada, these guys know how to sing.

The Canadian Tenors are returning for another Las Vegas show after performing sold out concerts in March.

Las Vegas Show

The Canadian Tenors performed a Las Vegas show at the Smith Center in March and now they are coming back.  This time they will fill their Las Vegas show with brand new compositions that will awe audiences.  The Tenors will perform in Reynolds Hall, a gorgeous venue at the Smith Center.  Their upcoming performance in August is not just a Las Vegas show.  Their concert will be aired live on PBS and recorded for a concert DVD.

In addition to this Las Vegas show, The Tenors have traveled around the world sharing their musical talents.  They have performed everywhere from Shanghai to Los Angeles.  Harmonic tunes and charming compositions are definitions of the group’s sound.

They have performed in front of celebrities and world leaders.  Some of these highlights include appearing on the Oprah Winfrey show with Celine Dion and performing in front of Queen Elizabeth II.  The Tenors are about to release their new album and are performing in concert halls to create halls to create a buzz, the Las Vegas show at the Smith Center included.  The new album is titled Lead With Your Heart and will be released soon.

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