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Corporate entertainment is one of Jeff’s specialties.  He has performed for hundreds of major companies nationwide – banquets, award shows, general sessions – you name it! Corporate Entertainment

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“To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is to recognize Jeff Civillico for his valuable contribution as host and emcee of the first annual Genting International Magic Festival.

As co-producer of the event, I was extremely happy with Jeff’s performance. He is a bright young talent with a very diverse and mature skill set. He is an expert juggler, a wonderful stage personality, and a funny comedian. Most importantly for our event, he was able to do a great job in the moments that required improvisation to deal with delays and glitches that sometimes occur in live shows with many moving parts.

Jeff was a huge hit with our audience, particularly the younger crowd. He is also very photogenic, so we featured his image in many of our advertising pieces, both video and still. He has received a lot of positive feedback on the Internet via audience blogs.

By virtue of his talent, preparation, and experience Jeff is definitely poised to become a major force in the entertainment industry and we congratulate him on doing such a terrific job in our show. We feel fortunate to have had him on our team.

Please feel free to call or contact me directly should you wish to receive any more feedback about Jeff Civillico.”


Jim Cannon
Cannon Creative, Inc

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