Las Vegas Show- Carrot Top at the Luxor

Las Vegas Show Carrot Top: People don’t bother giving Carrot Top the props he so richly deserves, but he’s got plenty of his own.  To say that his contraptions are often innovative and bizarre would be an understatement, but the common theme among the lot of them is that they’re absolutely hysterical.Las Vegas Show

His Las Vegas show is a roller coaster ride of random thoughts, machine-gunned punch-lines and enlightening social commentary supplemented by a collection of gadgets that have made him one of the most heavily-booked acts on the Strip.

The flaming-haired comedian describes the Las Vegas show as the inevitable result of a collaboration between George Carlin, Steven Wright and Gallagher, mixing it up with observational humor, dark comedy and his fan favorite props.  He pushes the boundaries of political correctness with clever and unbiased targeting, though his tamer material draws the same helpless laughter he’s been known to incite. His Las Vegas show has helped make such contributions to the betterment of society as a cookbook for rotten chefs filled with the restaurant section of the yellow pages, an organically shaped golf-club for people on Viagra and a special cellphone with a rotary dialer for the technologically impaired.

Carrot Top has been recognized with “Entertainer of the Year!” and “Comedian of the Year” awards but it sometimes seems that he might not even be trying that hard.  The red-headed comedian said it best when he made an admission one night after a show: “A lot of this isn’t for you. I’m just entertaining myself.”  As funny as his Las Vegas show is, it’s his infectious character that lights up the Strip.

Check out this Las Vegas show next time you are in town!