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Heart of Nonprofit Fundraising

10 Years of Win-Win: Connect with the Heart of Nonprofit Fundraising Every now and then, I stumble across a quote that perfectly resonates with my current chapter of life. Most recently, I read the words,

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Sample word cloud of graduation

How to Enhance Creativity in Hybrid Events

Learn How to Enhance Creativity and Boost Value for Hybrid Events What do a centaur, a werewolf, and today’s hottest events all have in common? They’re all hybrid! Much like creatures of folklore, today’s trending

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Professional event emcee Jeff Civillico in a panel discussion at NSA Influence 2021 in Vegas

Professional Emcees Tell It Like It Is

The following is a transcription of an episode of Speakernomics podcast filmed live on stage at the National Speakers Association “Influence 2021” conference in Las Vegas. Thom (00:11): Professional Emcees Give One Tip From Caesars

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