Professional Host Jeff Civillico films with ECI Software Executive

Top Tips to Host a Hybrid Event

Top Tips to Host a Hybrid Event That Everyone Will Talk About The past year was several things, including pretty lonely. For event organizers and corporate entertainers, the world felt especially strange, because without in-person

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Virtual event emcee Jeff Civillico's home studio setup

Virtual Emcee Home Studio Setup

I’m loving my little home virtual event emcee studio setup I have now. When I’m serving as a virtual emcee for companies and associations, I go to Show Creators Studios here in Las Vegas where

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More Virtual Event Engagement with Chat

Virtual Event Engagement with Chat

Virtual Events: Creating Engagement Through Chat Hidden Benefits/Upsides to the Chat Feature While serving as the virtual emcee for over 200 virtual events since March of 2020, I’ve come across some organizations who are tempted

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Keynote speaker Ross Bernstein delivers virtual presentation for Prudential

Deliver Virtual Presentations Like a Boss

Deliver Virtual Presentations Like a Boss A Virtual How-to Guide for Executives We’ve all learned how challenging it can be to communicate effectively over virtual platforms this last year. Your virtual communication skills might not

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Pre-Recording for Virtual Events: Part 1

To pre-record or NOT to pre-record… THAT is the question! At least that’s the question on the minds of meetings industry folks everywhere who are planning and organizing their first virtual event. Let’s remember: virtual

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The Chat Feature at Virtual Events

Thunderous applause has been replaced by 👏👏 Rolling laughter has been replaced by “haha” or maybe an “LOL” if you’re really killing it. I must admit that the lack of audible response during so many

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5 Tips For Your Next Video Meeting Online

For better or for worse (and maybe a bit of both!) the events of 2020 changed the way we work and communicate with our colleagues. Slack messages and Microsoft Teams meetings have replaced office drop-bys and working

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