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How to Enhance Creativity in Hybrid Events

Learn How to Enhance Creativity and Boost Value for Hybrid Events What do a centaur, a werewolf, and today’s hottest events all have in common? They’re all hybrid! Much like creatures of folklore, today’s trending

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Advertisement for NSA Influence 2021 - Radical Relevance

Emcee for National Speakers Asssociation

As a professional emcee, I host a LOT of corporate events: live/in-person events, virtual events, and hybrid events. But there’s one hybrid emcee event date that’s been jumping off of my calendar since the moment

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Professional Host Jeff Civillico films with ECI Software Executive

Top Tips to Host a Hybrid Event

Top Tips to Host a Hybrid Event That Everyone Will Talk About The past year was several things, including pretty lonely. For event organizers and corporate entertainers, the world felt especially strange, because without in-person

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