CDC Gaming Reports Reviews My Show

I was recently featured on the gaming industry website  Thanks to author Christopher G. Axelrod for such a nice writeup!  This review was much more extensive than a typical article.  Really nice!

Here’s a quick excerpt:

Mr. Civillico’s dynamics, energy and passion for the family element would prove a draw in any market seeking to offer family friendly entertainment. He makes a personal effort to patiently greet fans after the show at his merchandise and photo area. He recovers quickly after such a rigorous  performance and the fans flock in awe and appreciation to meet this future star and snap a photo with him.

Bravo to Caesars for selecting a genuine QUAD matinee idol in Jeff Civillico. With further marketing he will grow into a significant headliner as he has all the attractive components.  We are all jugglers of varying sorts. We could apply our range of talents to render some occasional “Comedy In Action” to brighten the lives of others as well. Viva Jeff Civillico.

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