The Flamingo’s Center Cut Steakhouse

The Flamingo should not be thought of as simply an old time casino with old time ways.  One of it’s newest restaurant additions, Center Cut Steakhouse, boasts modern décor and ambiance that still stays true to The Flamingo‘s classic Las Vegas roots.  The interior is mostly black and white with several large flat screen televisions situated throughout displaying beautiful photos of the city of Las Vegas.

The Flamingo has included a restaurant that boastsThe Flamingo fresh organic foods. The steaks are sourced fully from Colorado farms where the cattle are field raised and never receive any hormones or growth steroids.

Not only does the restaurant serve a wide variety of poultry and pork dishes, but it also boasts a large fresh seafood section on the menu. Guests should be prepared to spend at least $50 on their dinner excluding taxes and tips, which in the grand scheme of things is a relative bargain when it comes to fine dining in Las Vegas.

The cocktail menu is astounding in its own right. Creative concoctions such as Pomegranate Lemon Martini, Skinny Maggie Martini, Pear…fect Martini, Cosmopolitan Martini and Cucumber Martini can be found at this steakhouse in The Flamingo.

For more information and reservations on a luxurious night of fine dining at The Flamingo’s Center Cut Steakhouse visit their website!