Chair Yoga

Having some fun introducing “chair yoga” while hosting Frontier Communications’ Virtual Sales Kickoff this year in Dallas! What do we think of the outfit?? ūüôā

Thanks to¬†Boris Kluck,¬†Aleksandra Ciric, and¬†Susan Higgins¬†at Frontier Communications for another great experience this year! Thanks to¬†Nicole Chattin, CMP, CMM,¬†Holly Swanzy, CMP, CIS,¬†Julie Blank,¬†Hope Duffie, CIS,¬†Kara Benz,¬†Allie Scott, CIS¬†and the wonderful team at¬†Brightspot Incentives & Events¬†for executing one heck of a virtual conference. Thanks to¬†Michael Arp¬†and¬†Mitchell Beede¬†for rockin’ the tech side and getting me this footage! And thanks to¬†Gail Davis¬†and¬†GDA Speakers¬†for awesome gigs with awesome people, always. Wowwww so many people to thank with these virtual events. It takes a village!

I was delighted to receive this video testimonial from Frontier Communications after the event.

Virtual Emcee Jeff Civillico - thumbnail image of Frontier Communications