Chair Yoga

Having some fun introducing “chair yoga” while hosting Frontier Communications’ Virtual Sales Kickoff this year in Dallas! What do we think of the outfit?? 🙂

Thanks to Boris KluckAleksandra Ciric, and Susan Higgins at Frontier Communications for another great experience this year! Thanks to Nicole Chattin, CMP, CMMHolly Swanzy, CMP, CISJulie BlankHope Duffie, CISKara BenzAllie Scott, CIS and the wonderful team at Brightspot Incentives & Events for executing one heck of a virtual conference. Thanks to Michael Arp and Mitchell Beede for rockin’ the tech side and getting me this footage! And thanks to Gail Davis and GDA Speakers for awesome gigs with awesome people, always. Wowwww so many people to thank with these virtual events. It takes a village!

I was delighted to receive this video testimonial from Frontier Communications after the event.

Virtual Emcee Jeff Civillico - thumbnail image of Frontier Communications