Chase Curtis | Corporate Event Entertainment

Corporate Event Entertainment | Chase Curtis grew up in Burleson, Texas, the same home town of world famous singer Kelly Clarkson.  Chase started performing at an early age.  By age twelve he had already won two major competitions in close up and stage  magic respectively.  This accomplishment had only ever been matched twice before in the 50-year history of the Texas Association of Magicians.

His early victories got him noticed and earned him a spot on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” but Chase was not satisfied with these accomplishments and went on to seek greater honor.  He entered, and won, many other magic competitions across the country.  After earning more awards Chase acquired a new target.  “The Gold Cups” from the International Brotherhood of Magicians is one of magic’s highest honors and Chase wanted it.  The illusive cup had only been awarded a total of seven times since it’s inception in the 1960’s. After receiving second place three years in a row he finally succeeded in capturing it.  This early success should prove the commitment and enthusiasm with which he would bring to his corporate event entertainment occasions.

Corporate Event Entertainment can often be stuffyCorporate event entertainment and unexciting, however, what Chase Curtis brings to his gigs is an awe inspiring mixture of magic where he takes his dreams and materializes them in front of your eyes.

Have you ever been to a corporate event entrainment venue where a ferrari appears out of thin air?  I would put serious money on the answer being a convicted “no.”

Check out Chase’s website to find out about what he can bring to your next corporate event entertainment!