Check Out This Great Review From Vegas Unravelled

I’m always surprised by the generosity of those whose see and review “Comedy in Action.”

This time, we got a glowing review at

We're OK with people talking about us.
We’re OK with people talking about us.

Reviewer Nicole Marshall says, “This is a great family friendly show at the Quad.”
She follows that up with, “Jeff has an amazing talent for balance and shows this off with balancing various things on his head, juggling and even riding a unicycle. Now, I know what you are thinking, however it is not circus-cheesy. He adlibs comedy into his act and with the audience participation, it’s different and fresh each time.”

Reviewer Jane Aikey also chimed in, saying, “One of my expectations when going to a show, is that I will be entertained by something new, and fresh, and I will leave the showroom feeling good. This show certainly delivered!”

It’s just this kind of word-of-mouth that’s helped us grow and increase awareness about our family-friendly show, for kids of all ages, at The Linq. Check out the full article here.