Just Chillin’ Next To Pink…

Great little shout-out in Las Vegas Magazine this week.  In case you don’t wanna scrunch your eyes….

With Jeff Civillico: Comedy in Action, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you won’t see the same show twice.  There are the mainstays of course, but the rest is an off-the-cuff performance of comedy and shenanigans.  Civillico is good at balancing acts and an ace at juggling, just about anything: bowling balls, pins, fire, fruit, balls or even knives.  

But what really sets off this show is Civillico’s comedy, ‘for realsies,’ as he says.  There’s a lot of audience interaction, and that’s what makes his show a living, breathing creation.  Whatever type of volunteer comes along, he’ll find the funny.

Why is Pink lookin at me like that? Kinda weird.