Las Vegas Show – Chris Botti

Las Vegas show Chris Botti: Watching someone play the trumpet has never been more entertaining.

Chris Botti provides an engaging performance at his Las Vegas show at the Smith Center.

Las Vegas Show The world-renowned trumpet player will make a stop in Vegas July 6, 2012. In this Las Vegas show, audiences can expect to hear Botti’s signature melodic tunes.  His music comes to life and tells a story that is driven by ballads filled with rhythm, variety, and passion.  Botti will travel to perform at a Las Vegas show in order to promote his new album, Impressions. Impressions was released by Columbia Records this past April.  The album incorporates an eclectic mix of sounds. Botti performs songs written by the classical artist Chopin, American writers like Randy Newman, Brazilian songwriter Ivan Lins, and more on the record.  Fans are pleased to know that Botti also helped to co-write a few songs for the album.  While Impressions showcases Botti’s talents, seeing the artist live is an experience to be remembered for years.  Botti will be performing a Las Vegas show in Reynolds Hall. Tickets can be purchased online.

Venture away from the strip for a Las Vegas show that will leave an impression on you – Trumpeter Chris Botti.