Chris Chiappini | Corporate Event Entertainment

Corporate Event Entertainment | Chris Chiappini has been leaving marks on ceilings since age ten when he first began juggling. He spent countless hours after schol and during his free time honing his skills a juggler ultimately culminating in his victory at IJA Junior’s World Championships in Montreal, Canada, 2000. Since his successful win he has been performing at a mix of different casinos, night clubs, hotels, and cruise ships. When he is not honing his skills for corporate event entertainment Chris can be found training for a triathlon or preparing for extreme hikes.

Chris has come a long way from once being a child who did not learn how to speak until age five and was in constant speech therapy classes for most of his young life. He uses this hardship as inspiration and as a means to increase his dedication to the sport. This all comes together to create a show sure to set a great inspired tone for any corporate event entertainment occasion. The sheer skill behind his acts will have audiences in awe and talking about him for days to come.

Chris has an impressive resume of several different corporate event entertainment occasions that are easily accessible at his website!