Las Vegas Show – KA

Las Vegas Show KA: A picture may be worth a thousand words, but Cirque du Soleil is an entire language of its own. With seven successful shows scattered along the length of the Strip it still remains Vegas’ most sought after entertainment troupe. Las Vegas show

“KA” strikes out in brand new territory, discarding the broad concepts and versatile interpretations of a more traditional Cirque Las Vegas show in favor of a more cohesive and utterly enchanting storyline.

The story revolves around Imperial Twins who become separated during an assault on their Far Eastern Palace. The tale is bold and visceral on its own, but it’s the storytellers that magnify the concept into the grand adventure that unfolds.

The Las Vegas show is facilitated by one of the most awe-inspiring stages ever constructed for a single purpose. With a $200 million budget and the visionary guidance of the world’s premiere emotional explorers, the “KA” Theatre was constructed to immerse the audience inside of an entire world, rather than have them sit just beyond its borders. The performance takes place in front of, below and above the audience, using a mobile stage and a complex network of rafters and beams that enhance and constantly shift the vantage point.

Through this elaborate structure the twins travel separate paths to a reunion, striking through stunning landscapes and encountering vivid and lifelike characters. The Vegas show retains all of the innovative and inspiring production elements that make Cirque du Soleil so special, including acrobatics, dance, unparalleled aerial stunts, adaptive orchestras, and the simply mesmerizing set pieces and costumes that brand the troupe as this generation’s pioneers of living fiction.

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