Las Vegas Show – LOVE

Las Vegas show LOVE: What would happen if the mutual admiration society managed to pair up George Harrison with Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte? In this case, it was “LOVE” at first sight. Las Vegas show

The Las Vegas show is a union of Cirque’s brilliant performance art and the melodic mastery of one of the world’s most beloved rock and roll bands.

Utilizing master tapes obtained from Abbey Roads studios, Beatles producer Sir George Martin and his son Giles have crafted a soundscape that truly does justice to the legendary quartet, while leaving the physical expression of the music in the capable hands of 60 talented international artists. The collaboration is beyond effective, and provides a fascinating opportunity to apply the positive emotional message of the Beatles’ body of work to the imaginative and immersive landscapes of Cirque’s visionary troupe.

Though the Las Vegas show features plenty of well-known hits, there remains a special focus on breathing life into the full body of work that revitalized an entire genre of music. By applying Cirque’s considerable talents, Martin and son are able to take songs like “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” “Drive my Car,” “Octupus’s Garden,” and “All You Need is Love,” and express their messages through dextrous acrobatics and tumbling, aerial ballet, dancing and the magnificent sets and costumes that are gratefully and amazingly par for the course. With a theater that houses 2,000 people in-the-round and a sound system of such magnificent scope that each seat houses three of its own speakers, this Las Vegas show is ready to spread the “LOVE.”

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