Las Vegas Show – Mystere

Las Vegas Show Mystere: Events like these are the reason for bucket lists. Cirque du Soleil hasn’t so much defined an art form as they have created one. Las Vegas Show

As with every incredible Cirque Las Vegas show, “Mystere” explores a primary theme through the brilliant application of circus entertainment, street theatre, dance, opera and some of the most breathtaking sets ever engineered by the human imagination.

Housed in a theater built specifically for the Las Vegas show, “Mystere” boasts an international cast of 75 performers and has been experienced by over 12 million people. Its story is that of life, the universe, and the fascinating process of existence. Every wonderful emotion and every genuine feeling is explored through the movements of vibrant characters that are amazing for their appearances and actions but also offer the opportunity for allegorical reflection.

Cirque du Soleil continues to break new ground as its circus acts transcend the barriers of familiar entertainment, and reimagine their techniques and purpose. Balancing acts use rotating domes instead of flat surfaces, aerialists create stunning optical illusions through deft movements and contortion and elaborate costumes instantly grab hold of your senses and usher you into a welcoming dreamworld. The Las Vegas Show utilizes live musicians and singers who provide a stunning soundtrack that evolves along with the performance, tailoring the perfect audio imagery to every evolving scene. Join Alice the Evolving Snail and an eclectic mix of the best products of daydream fantasies as they prove once again that exploration is meant for the mind as much as the body.

Check out Las Vegas show Mystere next time you are in town!