Las Vegas Show – O

Las Vegas show “O”:  Cirque du Soleil’s “O” possesses the same high level of visual and acrobatic brilliance that the troupe has become famous for, teasing the borders of the imagination with a performance that seems at times more like a fantastical dream than a conscious experience.Las Vegas Show

The Las Vegas show presents the idea of the unexpected as the expected and engages the mind with playful sequences that keep bubbling up to the surface from unconscious thought. 

“O’s” primary theme is that of water, and a play on the French word for the same.  As with all of their experiences, Cirque du Soleil takes a core idea and manifests a world of stunning vibrancy, grand aspiration and limitless feeling through the application of theatre’s most beautiful potentials.  85 synchronized swimmers, divers, world-class acrobats and surreal characters collaborate with 150 stage hands to perform a Las Vegas show on a scale that calls into question the use of the word “epic” by most of its modern advocates.  As fans of the troupe already know, a Cirque experience is about witnessing the incredible heights of skill and grace the human body can achieve.

As the troupe finishes playing with their aquatic tapestry, the imagery evolves to explore the power of fire and the invisible presence of the wind, using the elements as if they were keys to doors inside of your mind.  Simply put, “O” is the next chapter in a story that simply must be told, and a Las Vegas show that unites all eager minds in the sharing of a universal beauty.

Check out this Las Vegas show next time you are in town!