Las Vegas Show – Zumanity

Las Vegas Show Zumanity: Cirque du Soliel has always managed to capture the imagination, gently lead it into a world of possible dreams and craft an experience that moves you on so many levels, you’ll probably stop counting them for the sake of simply being there. When it finds a new theme to explore, it ends up defining it in a way that evokes our neglected core emotions and awakens our blissful passions.Las Vegas Show

Las Vegas Show “Zumanity” is an exploration of the human body, a sensual and sexual counterpart to the personal and social restrictions placed upon our desires in the waking world.

Cirque du Soliel succeeds in introducing us to yet another forgotten inner-child, lost in our tendency to do things rather than be things.

The aptly named Zumanity Theater is the destination for aspiring emotional explorers, facilitating a Las Vegas show that is unique in the performing troupe’s history for the fact that there is no storyline.

“Zumanity” chooses instead to reflect on the many layers of sexuality through majestic aerial maneuvers, comical vignettes, sultry dancing and the same awe-inspiring imagery that’s already left a legacy that may never be properly duplicated. Audiences will discover their most primitive feelings aroused through the use of clever environments, gorgeous men and women and a completely unashamed methodology that delivers a pure and joyfully surreal experience. Explore the lighter side, the darker side and the flip side of raw human emotions in a way only Cirque du Soliel has ever been able to pull off.

Check out Las Vegas show Zumanity next time you are in town!