Carlos Oscar: Funny, Clean Comedian

Clean comedian Carlos Oscar is a rarity. Clean and funny? It’s a tough mix and hard to find these days. That’s what makes Carlos so great – his jokes are hilarious and he never turns to vulgarity in order to get laughs. After all, he doesn’t need to with the quality of his material. He has made multiple TV appearances, including a performance on Comedy Central as well as an appearance on “The Tonight Show with JayCarlos Oscar Leno.”

Who is Carlos Oscar?

Clean comedian Carlos Oscar uses his Puerto Rican roots to connect with all audiences.

His jokes about family, culture, and everyday struggles, in addition to his ability to become different characters, bring people together and have made Carlos a sought-after clean comedian. Carlos lists Johnny Carson. Bill Cosby, and Freddie Prinze, Sr. as the major influences growing up. Originally from Manhattan, New York, Carlos truly realized his talent after attending an acting class at UCLA and he took off from there. His DVD, Carlos Oscar: Life is Crazy Good, is well-reviewed and available for purchase on his website.

Watch Carlos Oscar’s videos and find out just how funny he is here!