Clean Comedian… Chris Bliss!

Clean comedian and juggler Chris Bliss became a web sensation with the video of him juggling to songs by The Beatles and has since Clean comediantaken his juggling to the next level. He has perfected his skill and enhanced his act by adding stand-up comedy to his routine, becoming a regular on “The Tonight Show.”

A native of Washington, D.C., Chris attended both Northwestern University and the University of Oregon before realizing juggling was what he really wanted to do.

Clean comedian Chris Bliss doesn’t try to impress his audiences with the flashy stuff – he doesn’t need it! He goes for quality and his act of  juggling three balls to the beat of popular music has made him an instant success.

Chris had the honor of being the one and only opening act for Michael Jackson’s Victory Tour in 1984. He has also performed in concert with Eric Clapton, Julio Iglesias, and others. His rise to fame came in 2006 when the performance video of him juggling to The Beatles music went viral, accumulating over 80 million views to date. Chris has gained international recognition, receiving offers from shows in Japan and Paris and traveling to Canada and Ireland with his act. His video influenced musician Fatboy Slim to host a competition asking fans to submit a video of them juggling to his new single.

In addition to being a juggler and clean comedian, Chris is the founder of the nonprofit organization, which constructs monuments displaying the Bill of Rights across the United States.

Check out the video that turned clean comedian Chris Bliss into an internet sensation.