Spotlight on…Clean Comedian and Juggler David Deeble!

Clean comedian is something you don’t hear very often these days, but that, along with being a magician and juggler, is what David Deeble has built his career around.  His sharp wit and skillful presentations have enabled him to become a well-known entertainer and emcee.  At 8 years old, David joined the Long Beach Mystics, where he learned that entertaining the crowd was perhaps more important than even the magic act itself.  This led to him winning the International Jugglers Association’s Junior Competition and other awards. David has gone on to perform at renowned venues across the United States after his debut at Harrah’s, Lake Tahoe.Clean comedian

Clean comedian David Deeble states on his website that he is “the world’s worst magician – and audiences like it that way.” Likeability is one of his best qualities as his clean comedy leaves audiences wanting more.

David has made multiple television appearances, including performances on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and “America’s Got Talent!”.  He is also known in the corporate entertainment industry and has emceed for Boeing, Golf Design, and Mattel.  Besides being a clean comedian, magician, and juggler, David is also a writer, creating unique performances for every event he attends.

Visit David Deeble’s website to find out more about this clean comedian and versatile entertainer.