Clean Comedian… David DiMuzio!

Clean comedian is not the only way to describe David DiMuzio. He is also a musician and professional juggler, a combination that Clean comedianmakes him unique in the world of entertainment. He often combines his two talents into one hilarious act that includes playing “Mary Had a Little Lamb” on a recorder – actually, on three recorders as he juggles them at the same time. Audiences love his comedy and skill as he impresses them with his diverse talents.

As the youngest headliner ever on multiple cruise lines, including Disney, Princess, and Royal Caribbean, David gained valuable experience that led to his success as a clean comedian and entertainer.

David began juggling at a young age and at 16, he won the International Jugglers Association World Championships. He has since traveled around the world with his impressive routine.

His music career began when a producer heard his songs, leading to the birth of his album “I Wanna Save The Last Koala Bear.” Recognizing his good fortune in being able to pursue both his interests, David created “The Koala Effect,” a show meant to encourage others to follow suit. As a clean comedian, juggler, and musician, David performs at high schools, colleges, and youth organizations across the country.

Take a listen to David DiMuzio’s musical talent and learn more about this clean comedian‘s juggling ability.