Clean Comedian… Debra Terry!

Clean comedianClean comedian Debra Terry does it all – she acts, sings, writes, and produces and is without question absolutely hilarious!  Her wide range of talents brings versatility to her acts, making her a breath of fresh air in the entertainment industry. She went from studying Industrial Relations with a minor in Psychology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to becoming an inspirational entertainer and motivational speaker.

Men in entertainment greatly outnumber the female presence, but clean comedian Debra Terry is a stand-out in the field. Her grounded personality and quick wit allow her to connect with and entertain audiences of all backgrounds.

Debra has appeared on television and film on numerous occasions. Her credits include roles in “Funny Valentines”, “Something Borrowed, Something Blue”, and “One Tree Hill”. She is also the voice of Li’l Bit in The Magistical and is no stranger to theater work, commercials, and radio.

Her work as a clean comedian has taken her across the globe: Debra has performed at the Comedy Factory Festival in The Netherlands. She was either a finalist or semi-finalist in Nick-at-Nite’s “Funniest Mom in American Contest”, NBC’s Diversity Showcase, and Comedy Central’s Laugh Riots national competition. Debra has had the honor of working with leaders in the entertainment industry such as Chris Rock, Bernie Mac, and Pattie LaBelle.

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